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What is artSTORM.nft?

artSTORM.nft is a collaborative project that leverages the power of art and decentralized technology to support and promote the creation of green art spaces in urban areas in Africa.
Organized as a DAO, artSTORM.nft is a collaboration between four organizations - ethsafari DAO, Public Space Network, About Art Africa, and Afrofuture DAO
We are bringing together community-based teams of placemakers and street artists to bring a green art storm to the walls of Nairobi and Kilifi, Kenya.
During the inaugural 2022 edition of artSTORM.nft, 20 brown, disused, or polluted spaces in Nairobi and Kilifi will be transformed into clean, safe, inclusive, and vibrant spaces for the community. The walls in these spaces will be transformed into works of art by some of the region’s best street artists and and community groups of placemakers will transform these brown spaces into green spaces.
Each transformation will be embedded in an NFT, containing before / after shots, high-res photos of the wall art and immersive video recordings of the new space. The NFT sale will launch around the ethsafari conference taking place between the 18th and 24th September 2022. Proceeds from the sales will support the artists and community placemakers.

Artstorm '22 Timeline

  • Grassroots youth groups (placemakers) that want to create green spaces in their neighborhoods are invited to express their interest by 15.8.2022
  • Placemakers will start working on transforming their spaces on 15 August and complete it by 3 September 2022.
  • Artists will be able to register for the artSTORM.nft competition until 08.08.2022 via the website
  • The STORM - In the first week of September 2022 (4th to 11th), all the selected murals will be painted within one week
  • The completed artworks will be digitally photographed, documented and then minted into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which will be sold on the sidelines of the EthSafari Conference from 18 - 23rd September 2022.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will go to the artists and the placemakers and contributors that help maintain the transformations

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